Artificial Intelligence & Protein Engineering

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Research opportunities

Our lab has a unique interdisciplinary environment where researchers with expertise in computer science, biological structure, chemistry, and biotechnology, work together to both computationally design and experimentally characterize novel proteins and variants. We welcome highly motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Postdoctoral fellows

Positions are currently available to develop biocatalysts for multi-step catalytic conversion of wastes to value-added chemicals. An ideal candidate should have strong expertise or interest in computational science (QM/MM) or protein engineering.

Graduate students

We have openings for graduate students from diverse backgrounds, including biochemistry, computer science, chemistry, chemical engineering, and biotechnology.


If you are interested in our research, please send Prof. Jung-Kul Lee your CV and research interests. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to discuss shared interests. Those invited to proceed to the next step will be required to provide two letters of recommendation.

Contact us at if you have questions.